ET Nice Advanced Tip Up Garage Door Motor



The DC Blue Advanced Sectional and Tip-up Garage Door Access Control Motor Kit is the perfect solution for automating your residential garage door. It includes a 3.2m rail, two 4 button remotes, and a 24V battery.

The electric motor is not battery dependent, making it a reliable option for loadshedding. The LED programming and fault display, LED courtesy light, and adjustable electronic limits and force control make it easy to use and customize to your needs.

With a maximum pulling force of 1000N, a rated running load of 40kgf, and a rated speed of 8m/min, this motor kit can handle garage doors up to 15m+ALI with a maximum running distance of 3m.

The built-in ET-Blu Mix+AK4 enhanced rolling code receiver provides unbeatable security and the electronic lock-out and audible diagnostics ensure safe and efficient operation. The option for external status, light, and lock control make this motor kit a versatile option for a variety of garage door types including spring balanced, sectional overhead, and 1-piece tip-up doors.

The 100 operations on battery reserve without AC present from a fully charged and healthy 3.5Ah battery make this motor kit a convenient and practical choice for automating your garage door and keep it operating during loadshedding.



+ICI ROBUST construction with metal chasis and gears
+ICI RELIABLE and proven DC Blue Advanced technology
+ICI INTELLIGENT door load profiling for added safety and control
+ICI Sleek, modern design
+ICI Safety beam input
+ICI Selectable automatic closing time
+ICI LED courtesy light| optional external light control
+ICI Optional electronic lock control for added security
+ICI Built-in ET-Blu Mix+AK4 enhanced rolling code receiver – Uncrackable, Unhackable

Motor comes with the following:

– Motor
– Draw bar
– Back up battery
– 2 remotes


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