Centurion D5 Smart Driveway Gate Motor (up to 500kg)



Introducing the Centurion D5 SMART – the ultimate solution for your driveway sliding gate needs. Designed for gates weighing up to 500kg, the D5 SMART features a custom gearbox made from durable engineering polymers and a powerful 24V DC motor and battery back up for loadshedding. With a top speed of 36 metres per minute, this device strikes the perfect balance between security and convenience.

The Centurion D5 SMART is intelligent, providing feedback on your gate’s overall functioning and reporting on events such as the last remote pressed, battery condition, gate status, and speed. This gives you peace of mind and makes life easier. The Centurion D5 SMART is also designed with your installer in mind, providing quick access to system diagnostics, making their job easier and more efficient.

With the Centurion D5 SMART, you have control and convenience at your fingertips. Enjoy a wireless user interface and effortless setup and configuration from your smartphone. The device also includes all the latest technological features such as a multichannel NOVA receiver with 1500 button memory, 24V system, theft-resistant cage with a patented design, and a vibration sensor that can be connected to a third party device.

The Centurion D5 SMART also includes an intelligent battery charger with onboard diagnostics and SMART communication between the charger and the controller, an improved position control system, and individually-configurable inputs and outputs. With a convenient and intuitive single-action manual release, you’ll love using the Centurion D5 SMART, making your life easier as promised.


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