24V Battery – For gate or garage door motor



The backup battery is the key to avoiding the load shedding blues and like any battery, needs to be replaced from time to time.
ET motors use 24v batteries for their gate and garage door motors with the exception of the roll up motor that uses 12V.
ET Garage Door Motors is a battery backup setup, runs off the main power under normal power conditions. The battery is there purely for backup, and only starts drawing power from the battery when there a power supply failure. This motor is able to operate even if the battery is faulty, or without any battery installed, providing there is power.
Centurion use 12v batteries for their gate and garage door motors, some require 2 x 12v batteries.
Centurion Garage Door Motors are battery dependent, runs off both power and battery simultaneously. What this means is, for the motor to work under normal power conditions it requires a battery. If the battery is faulty or at the end of its lifespan and not holding charge, the motor will NOT operate, even if there is power to the motor.


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