ET Advanced Sectional garage door motor



The ET nice sectional garage door motor is a quiet, powerful and a cost effective residential overhead garage door opener solution. Complete with sleek aluminum roller channels for durability and energy efficiency in addition to its innovative backup battery system for when you need it most, this product is perfect for homeowners tired of opening their garage doors manually.

+ICI ROBUST construction with metal chasis and gears
+ICI RELIABLE and proven DC Blue Advanced technology
+ICI INTELLIGENT door load profiling for added safety and control
+ICI Sleek, modern design
+ICI Safety beam input
+ICI Selectable automatic closing time
+ICI LED courtesy light| optional external light control
+ICI Optional electronic lock control for added security
+ICI Built-in ET-Blu Mix+AK4 enhanced rolling code receiver – Uncrackable, Unhackable


Motor comes with the following:

– Motor
– Draw bar
– Back up battery
– 2 remotes


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