How much does a garage door cost?

When it comes to your garage door, one of the most common questions are probably “What is this going to cost me?”

There are a few factors that contribute to the cost of your garage door/s. We will have a quick look at these factors, and then a look at what a garage door should cost on average.

Below are a list of factors affecting the cost of a garage door


Firstly if your door is a standard size (single or double), it will be less costly than a custom size. So if you are building from scratch, this is something you can take into consideration, if you are on a tight budget.

The rule of bigger is more expensive rings true in this instance.

Type of door

There are various different types of doors. The rollup door, is the least expensive door. These are a great budget friendly option often used in big complexes. Sectional and Tip up doors tend to be higher priced.


What the door is made of also influences the cost of the door. Aluzinc is the most economical, with wood and aluminium being more expensive. Aluminium prices can also vary, depending on the price of aluminium at the time in the market, and the availability thereof


There is many different styles on offer to choose from and is a free choice that is standard with your new garage door.

However, If you wish to customise your garage door and add windows, the cost will increase significantly. In terms of costing this scenario is true for any customisation you would want to do.


If you would like to automate your door there will be additional costs incurred. Generally speaking garage automation starts from R3500 for a garage door motor on you small doors.

Current price range of doors in the market

Rollup garage doors

    • Single rollup doors range from R4 200 and up including installation.

Single sectional garage doors:

    • Aluzinc R6 600 and up
    • Aluminium R9 500 and up
    • Wood R9 250 and up

Double sectional garage doors:

    • Aluzinc R9 500 and up
    • Aluminium R16 400 and up
    • Wood R16 275 and up

Tip Up garage doors :

    • Tip up doors need to fit the gap exactly, so these are usually made to order. Tip ups will range from R 7 000 and up, depending on the size and material.

The above prices can change at any given time. Currently the cost of Aluminium has been increasing, hence we would expect the doors to increase in the near future.

The price of wood has also gone up significantly, making wood garage doors a very expensive option to go for. The margin of increase is quite a jump, to almost double the current cost at the time of writing.

You may also find quite a difference in price amongst the various suppliers and installers. It is also good to get comparative quotes. But this being said, cheapest is not always the best buy. You need to consider the after sales service and workmanship, the guarantee given on the product, and the quality of the product. Using a reputable company, is a wise decision, as you are ensured that should there be any issues in the future, they will be available for after sales service.

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