Should a noisy garage door be a concern?

It is not uncommon to have some noise from your garage door. Does a noisy garage door mean your door is on the verge of breaking ?? Not necessarily, in many cases a noisy garage door can be a simple fix.

Not all garage doors operate silently, some are a little noisy from the get go. A lot is dependent on the type of garage door and your acoustics in that particular space as well as what kind of garage door motor it uses.

However, if you notice a new type of sound or the noise suddenly increases this may be an indication that there is something else wrong and would require further investigation.

In many cases it can remedied without to much hassle.

Below is a short list of common noises and there possible causes:


Squeaking usually indicates that there is additional friction. Most likely cause would be lack of lubrication, or the track needs cleaning and lubing- in the case of tip up doors it could simply mean your jam arms or spring are squeaky, which is not uncommon for the type of garage door!

Grinding noises

Grinding noises is generally a little more serious than squeaking, as it can be an indication that something’s being abraded and worn down by the movement of your door. This happens most often in sectional garage doors with rollers getting worn out over time due to constant use or other factors such as water exposure. Keep in mind that sectional garage door rollers does wear over time it does not necessarily mean something is faulty but can just be normal wear and tear and the wheels are due for a change out.


There are a number of different components that come into play when it comes to your garage door. Technicians will have seen everything from hinges, nuts or bolts becoming loose over time; including but not limited to broken / snapped hinge points on one side causing the door weight to be imbalanced or wedged in worse case scenarios.

Routinely checking and actioning these issues can be enough to correct anything unusual before it becomes a bigger or more expensive problem. If it is something that you can’t fix yourself or you are not sure we would advise to contact a reputable garage door company and ask for assistance.

It is important to not ignore any new noises your garage is making as this may be a precursor to something far more serious and costly to repair.

Tips to keep your door in tip top shape:

Have your door serviced by a professional regularly. We recommend once every 6 months or at the very least yearly. This allows them to identify any possible causes for concern, and rectify them before they become more serious.

Here are a few things you can do yourself on a regular basis to help aid the smooth and dependable operation of your garage door:

    • Keep the garage door tracks clear by removing cobwebs and dust regularly
    • Ensure wood and wooden doors are treated and maintained to avoid water damage that could lead to swelling and thus friction. As beautiful and nostalgic as wooden garage doors are they do require more maintenance, use a wood oil to keep the door from warping, cracking and to repel water.
    • Keep garage doors clean. Garages can get very dusty, and the outside of the door is exposed to the elements. This can cause build up over time, which could lead to friction. If you are close to the seaside, rinsing or wiping your door regularly will guard against rust in the case of steel or aluminum garage doors, and salt build up that can be corrosive to all materials.

Garage doors can be complex machines that require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. If you hear new noises or notice your garage door is not operating as it should, call a professional before the problem gets worse and more expensive to fix. With these easy-to-follow tips for keeping your garage door in working order, you can avoid costly repairs down the road!

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