Common garage door problems and the possible causes

With a weight of about 70kg up to 250kg for a garage door coupled with the fact that the average garage door opens and closes around 1 300 times per year, it is no wonder that these heavy duty pieces of equipment will eventually suffer from some issues!

In this article we run through a couple of common problems you might experience and assist you in assessing the necessary course of action.

The Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

One of the most common reasons for a garage door that does not want to open or close is because its remote has died, check your batteries and try again.

If you have a garage door motor fitted, make sure there is power to the motor. That can be as easy by checking that the curtesy light is burning or if there is an LCD display that it is lit. Load shedding also impacts your battery backup system, more information can be found in this article where we discuss it in more detail.

If you there motor is running but the garage door is not moving check that the draw bar was not put into manual mode and forgot about.

If all those check out then it is probable that something is wrong with the tensioning system, whether it be the spring that’s broken or needs readjustment or lifting cables that is broke.

In the latter case it is best to call a reputable garage door repair company, to come and assess.

The Garage Door Makes Loud Noises

If you’re noticing a noise coming from your garage door, it’s probably time to take care of some underlying problems. Bearing in mind that a garage door (even the silent ones) has it is normal squeaks and creeks.

Here is a list of the most common noises that is NOT normal and what can be done about them:


Popping noises

The torsion spring on sectional garage doors are more often than not the culprit behind the popping noises, and in most cases needs to be adjusted or lubricated. Lubricating is fairly easy but do not use grease or something similar that would attract dust and dirt.

We recommend using something like Nano Bearing Protect that is a top notch lubricator and corrosion protector, and can be used anywhere in your garage.

If the lubrication does not improve the noise the spring might need adjustment or replacement, in this instance it is better (and safer) to call a garage door company to facilitate repairs.

Rattling noises

This is very common but also quite normal for a an aged door. In most cases it is due to loose hardware. You can go through all the tracks and panels and check for loos fasteners fastening them as you go. Remember to disconnect the motor and make sure nobody can operate the door but yourself.

Grinding or squeaking noises

It is important for your rollers to remain lubricated so that they can properly perform their function. The are packed with grease when installed but like any mechanical part over time it will need some TLC. The Nano Bearing Protect that we mentioned earlier can be used on the rollers as well.

If however you see that the wheel is not sitting right, is jarred when opening or closing it is probable the the wheel needs to be replaced. Call a garage door company to facilitate the repairs or if you are up for some DIY work you can but the sectional door wheel at Garage Door Spares SA.

You Garage Door Moves Unevenly

If you find that your door is doing the shimmy or is uneven, there could be something hindering the the movement of the door in the tracks. Take a look and remove any obstructions and and give the tracks a clean with soap and water.

The build up of dust and dirt can make the door travel incorrectly and can shorten the life span of the roller wheels. If none of these rectifies the problem it is best to call a garage door company to come and assess further begore more permanent damage is caused.

Basic Maintenance

Basic maintenance can go a long way in extending the life span of equipment and the saying of prevention is better than cure is very true in this instance.

Here is a list of basic maintenance that can be done:

    • Check and clean the tracks
    • Lubricate the wheels(Do not use grease or or something similar as it attracts dirt, a silicon based lubricant is best)
    • Lubricate the springs(Do not use grease or or something similar as it attracts dirt, a silicon based lubricant is best)
    • Check and fasten hardware, especially the horisontal tracks with sectional garage doors
    • Check condition of pulleys, cables and springs. These items are under tension and can cause serious injury. If you feel they are not in a good state rather call in a professional to assess.

I hope this article has helped you figure out what the most common noise your garage door might make and how to fix it. If all of these sound like too much work, or if you are not sure about any of the repairs, don’t worry! Peninsula Garage Doors is always happy to assist with basic maintenance as well as assessing more complicated problems. Let us know which noises your door makes and we’ll be able to help diagnose the problem for you!

For further assistance or advice please feel free to reach out to us at the details below:

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